75 Seventyfive Café&Lounge, Ponte di Legno


The wine bar and bistro 75 Café&Lounge is located inside a typical village house in the center of the mountain resort of Ponte di Legno, Italy. The project curated by Lissoni Associati regarded the design of the ground floor spaces which have been transformed into a single area configured around three intercommunicating rooms: a bar area with counter, a central room with tables and benches and to one side a lounge area. The intervention also included the renovation of the façade with cladding in dark stained larch wood, the regularization of the openings and the development of the external terrace.

The intent of Lissoni Associati was to take guests back to the warmth and hospitality of yesteryear by realizing a contemporary space with a mountain atmosphere that reinterprets the stylistic codes of alpine and mountain lodge architecture. The lounge bar is characterized by interiors in dark tones where finishes and crafting typical of the area combine with contemporary elements and influences. Simple and sturdy materials like the exposed stone of the walls, the flooring in brushed granite and the boiserie in heat-treated wood have been matched with modern materials such as steel, glass and metal profiling for the windows looking out onto the street.

Photographer - Thomas Pagani
Styling - Studio Salaris

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