Language Symphony, London


Honorable mention at The Museum of Language international competition by Archasm.

We speak, we write, we move.
This is all done in a period of time when everyone uses a different language. By hand and by mouth, we produce a Global Babel that gives form and substance to thoughts, uniting everyone under one roof where we all share experiences that pass through language, images and technology.
The Museum of Language comes to life in an articulated and innovative architecture that incorporates the context, transforming universality into intimacy to re-establish language as a cognitive and conscious means of global communication.
Multiple elements, technological instruments, project thousands of commonly used symbols that create a new course, a new movement, a new evolution, determining a collective system. The new museum inspires both young and old, challenging them, delving into their memories to teach of a future and to take them far from a time in which virtual reality almost precludes any visual or sensorial experience of language.
In this way a cultural pathway, hidden from the city, links to the symbols and defines an experiential process where sensorial islands welcome people speaking all the languages of the world, enabling them to establish a contact with their own history, their own future, the city, producing and actuating a new language.
As a result, the stratified and dynamic representation of the complex recounts the development of language, which is essentially the evolution of humanity and culture: the centre of a new global community comes into being where the deconstruction of language can be lived, a cultural heritage can be remembered and a new form of relationing can be fostered.

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