My Dream Home - at Scalo Milano

MY DREAM HOME is an exhibition hosted by the Scalo Milano in Piazza delle Fontane from 17th May to 10th June. The pictures taken by the photographers Elisabetta Illy and Stefano Guindani are a result of their passion for reporting humanitarian and social concerns and take us on a moving journey, organized with Fondazione Francesca Rava Onlus, to recount the everyday reality of Haitian children.

The installation for the project was developed by the architect Piero Lissoni/Lissoni Associati in collaboration with the Living division of Dmeco Engineering and features six overlapping containers assembled to form a vertical and visually powerful sculpture representing an abstract concept of housing. In the three lower containers are the photography exhibition, a selection of children's drawings and the project for an eco-friendly, economical and versatile living solution developed for the needs of a Haitian family.

A DJ set is planned for Saturday 2nd June from 7.00 pm in the same location with Federico Gardenghi, Italy's youngest DJ.

Scalo Milano Via Milano 5, Locate Triulzi

Photographer - Lorenzo Baroncelli/SGP

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