Art Basel Collectors Lounge

14 to 17 June 2018

The shipyard Sanlorenzo attends the Art Basel 2018 show with an installation set up at the Collectors Lounge, signed by the art director Piero Lissoni, that pays tribute to the Italian artist Emilio Isgrò. 
An ethereal, suspended space whose perimeter is marked by Isgrò’s “erasures” reproduced on its walls. A sea made up of lines, signs, words through which the models of Sanlorenzo’s superyachts, displayed inside glass cases, seem to sail around the work “The travels of the mind” by Emilio Isgrò. 
Piero Lissoni describes the natural connection between Sanlorenzo and art, creating a wunderkammer, with a minimalistic approach.

Emilio Isgrò’s Odyssey recounts a discovery, the revelation of a hidden meaning behind the words erased by the poem.
Ulysses is an explorer who sets out to discover the world with his own boat and his crew, as well as a traveller who longs for knowledge.
The artist takes a cultural journey, a pathway capable of lighting up by contrasts and to bring new light, new meanings to Homer’s verses. Because each traveller is a contemporary Ulysses who reflects on the world and wants to discover it. Likewise, each journey is a discovery of places, people, cultures: a wonderful journey which begins from one’s mind and continues at sea.

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