TIZIANO / RICHTER - Palazzo Te, Mantua

From 7.10.2018 to 6.1.2019

With exhibition fit-out and graphics by Lissoni Associati, Palazzo Te in Mantua saw the inauguration of “Tiziano/Gerhard Richter. Il Cielo sulla Terra” on October 6th.

The contemporary key that we adopted in the exhibition fit-out for the show seeks to convey a message that is capable of moving us, irrespective of whether it was written 500 years ago or yesterday. 
The aesthetic value of the works thus comes to the fore, without any need to offer an interpretation, limiting itself to constructing the narrative of the dialogue between the works themselves within a framework that is heedful of the proportions and respectful of the context. 
“In certain respects, I think that Richter could be a 20th century Tiziano: the most outstanding artistic quality of both is the power of the colour and of the brush strokes. In staging this distant dialogue in an equally powerful space like Palazzo Te, I was left with only one solution: simplicity and silence” explains Piero Lissoni.
Our graphics project for “Tiziano/Gerhard Richter. Il Cielo sulla Terra” includes the poster, coordinated image, exhibition graphics and the catalogue, published by Corraini. Contemporary typesetting and compositions are inspired by Richter’s quest in his work and by reflections on Tiziano. It is indeed a play of “reflections”, both physical but also allusively conceptual, which combine to form the image of the exhibition, a synthesis of two works which open and close this extraordinary dialogue. 

Photographer - Gian Maria Pontiroli

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