Piero Lissoni

10 Thoughts from Chairman Piero

“In the first place I am a humanist. Designing is a very important part of my life”

“Simplicity is actually very complex and full of difficulties”

“Some people describe me as a minimalist, others as a creative octopus.I don’t see myself like either but …. there is worse in life!”

“The passion for design didn’t start in a specific moment. It all came very naturally. I began to study and it went on growing until I became an architect”

“I have kept the enthusiasm of a child. No matter how small or big and important is a project, it doesn’t really matter  much. I prefer to play every day”

“I really love to be a European citizen”

“Inspiration comes from everything, a movie, a painting, a piece of poetry, music, a beautiful show, a nice car or even by a good mathematical model, I’m really influenced by culture.  In Europe and in Italy we have an incredible rich heritage. We have influences from North, South, East and West. We are obliged to speak  different languages, English, French, German, Spanish.I like to contaminate and being contaminated as much as I can”

“Tomorrow is the most important moment of my life. The past is the past. I’d rather let the past be the past, even if there were important moments. But every little moment can be significant. I’m thinking about my first day at University or the first time I met one of my masters,  Achille Castiglioni”

“Surprise and enchantment… I would like to be surprised by people and things. And I also would like to surprise other people, possibly by working with talented people”

“The most beautiful compliment I have ever received in my whole life?
It’s from my father. He looked at me in the eyes and said - Listen Piero, you are not completely stupid- for me that was a very nice one… (laughs)”

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